Supporting SMEs Online Guide

There are over 170 different Government supports for Irish start-ups and small businesses, including Local Enterprise Office Mayo, and the Supporting SMEs online guide is there to help you navigate the range of Government supports to see which one you could possibly apply for.

Local Enterprise Office Mayo

At a local level, Local Enterprise Office Mayo is here to act as your “first stop shop” to help you grow and expand as a business.
Some of the areas that we can help support include:

  • Business Information and Advice
  • Training
  • Mentoring
  • Financial Supports
  • Networking
  • Enterprise Education & Promotion
  • Local Economic Development Services

Our starting point is initially to organize a business advisory meeting to discuss the best support options for you.

Our offices are based in Castlebar, however, we also schedule business advisory clinics in Ballina, Claremorris & Westport to make our service offering as accessible as possible.

For more information or contact us on 094 904 7555 or

Brexit Supports

The Brexit SME Scorecard is a starting point to help businesses to begin preparing a strategy and ready their teams in terms of planning and shining a spotlight on some of the key operational areas that may be exposed.

The Brexit SME Scorecard online tool has been designed to stimulate companies into thinking about the key areas that may be impacted in their business because of Brexit and to self-assess their level of preparedness.

Using the ‘Brexit Scorecard’ online tool micro and smaller businesses can self-diagnose whether they are ready for Brexit. By answering a series of questions online under six key business pillars a comprehensive report is automatically generated which serves as a prompt and discussion document for business owner / managers to consider as part of their planning for Brexit.

The report provides companies with a benchmark in terms of their level of preparedness against best practice and signposts them to a range of supports, resources and information available via Local Enterprise Offices.